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Gm alloy chrome?

04 GM era. Are these plated? Got a set with lots of corrosion. If you buff off the corroded areas it’s just alum alloy. There does not seem to be any stuff flaking off. Is it just polished alum with clear coat that has deteriorated badly? I think 04-07 Monte Carlo, vues, had them. You can see tiny ridges in good parts. Is it the diamond cut type wheel finish? Honda S2000 had them

I believe these wheels are polished aluminum alloy with a clear coat finish. I don’t know where you live but road salt really messes them up after a few winters and once the clear coating is breached. I had a set that were in miserable shape from this and had them sandblasted, painted and clear coated this spring. The paint matches the original polished aluminum look to a T and has the added benefit of an extra layer of protection with the clear coat. Needless to say I have acquired a separate set of wheels for my snow tires and these refinished wheels will never see another winter again.

Not chrome. GM typically paints them silver and then clear or just clear. The corrosion can be buffed off and then re-cleared. Rather labor intensive.


There are micro ridges on the shiny parts that are left. I put some paint stripper on the clear that was left and the clear bubbled right up. Nice and shiny under the clear. Just like dragging your nail across a vinyl record.

If you rotate it backwards, does it play “Paul is Dead”? … lol …

i was looking for some vue rims/tires and found these. It’s not hard to find them in boneyard as most have corrosion and they are overlooked. The near new tires got my attention. They clean up nice with a bead blaster but the surface is smooth now.

Those are machining marks. It gives a specific “look” as well as being cheaper to machine than a finer surface.

What’s the date on these “near new” tires?

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) I was going by tread left. 9/32. Date is 4517. So it’s not ancient.
Cmon, $16 for wheel/tire is ok

Not a bad price at all, especially if an aluminum wheel. Scrap value isn’t a ton less - and you get tires! :+1:

Less than a year old, You got a good deal.