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Crackling from Speakers

Hi everyone. So I rear ended a car the other day, unfortunately, and now I hear loud crackling and popping sounds coming from the speakers. Does anyone know why this is happening or what I can do to fix?
I took the multimedia fuse box out of the fuse panel I’ve been driving like that for a little bit, it seems like its worked so far. Is it dangerous to drive this way?
Any help wonderful. Thank you!

That could be from radio interference created by the crash causing problems with electrical connection(s). Does the noise vary with engine speed?

You may have knocked a connector loose, causing intermittent contact. Check the speaker and power connections. If you only hear crackling from one side or one speaker that will be a clue.

Yes the noise does vary with the engine speed. Also the length of time I drive. For example the first five or ten minutes of driving its very quiet as I keep driving then it gets progressively louder and louder.

Please edit your post to remove the link and sales content.

Thank you very much.

@cdaquila Carolyn , Clawnorth7 is definitely a Spam poster.

Just curious , you don’t have full coverage on this vehicle ? If you do then when the front damage is fixed the radio should be also .

I replied to only post help where I could.
I am new at the the whole posting thing or how anyonene would be deemed anything at all just simply by what is replied to the original topic poster, I honestly tried to offer technical help albeit specific as I could inform without any year model or make and trim level it was unknown and I thought was related in detail to the topic started. I apologize if this offended anyone here to all if it was looked upon with frowning and respect help as its needed for anyone who would seek answers. I will take the time to review what is needed of myself to aquire a better reply format.

Now that my red face is back to an acceptable shade, I can try better and improve my offered up solutions and take one for the learned.

Thank you. My car was the only one damaged really so everyone agreed to no insurance.

Yes it’s only one speaker. I’ll try that thank you