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2013 Ford F-150 radio quit

The radio on my Ford f-150 quite

“quite”. What? Mine is quite awesome.

I think he means quit. @CurtWieneke could you tell us a bit more about the problem, or what you did to resolve it?

Ha ha… It started making a loud cracking noise then quit working. Then, after a while it would make a loud cracking noise and start working again. Now it just does not work at all. Took it to a mechanic and he cannot figure it out . Looked into a fuse , that wasn’t it .

Have you ever hard if this before ? And if so what could we look at suggesting for our mechanic to check.


Ask your shop to use their DVM to make sure the radio is getting proper power and ground. If it turns on ok, but makes a crackling noise, could be the outside antenna isn’t making a good connection, either the center conductor or ground(shield). That could occur at either end of the antenna wire. I have a 1970’s Ford truck and its radio was making a crackling sound, just recently fixed it. Speakers had gotten wet from door drainage problem. Had to replace the speakers. Working fine now. I expect you already understand that the radio itself may be faulty, in which case replacement of the entire unit is probably the best path forward. Oh, one more thing, ask your shop if there’s a radio noise suppression capacitor near the ignition system. Especially if the crackling noise changes upward in frequeny as you increase the rpm, that may be the problem.

Thanks for the ideas. Will give them a try

A shorted speaker can shut down the radio or amplifier. A fault may be stored in the radio or amp but you will need a professional scan tool to access the faults.

You are out of warranty and this is what auto stereo shops are for. Not mechanics , not that they could not do it but the stereo places can handle it easier.

Agree with Volvo.
Out of curiosity, mine has the basic blue tooth/Sirius/single CD radio, does the CD sound okay? Not that this would help, but would eliminate speakers as an issue…