CR-V vs. Forester

Shopping for a SUV for my daughter (soon to be nurse). narrowed it to forester and CR-V. CR-V seems to be on top, however the “gas in oil” problem has really deterred me. Can you advise on what you know on that problem? Thank you

The way your post reads it sounds like your daughter is not involved in this search . Also new or used ? Where she is going to be employed is also a factor . Frankly I say if someone has even one question about the vehicle then take it off the list . There are a lot nice vehicles that will not have you awake at night worrying about future problems.

From what I can find the problem has been solved for the 2019 models and prior years can get a software update. Most of the CRV’s that are affected are in the colder parts of the country and/or are used mainly for short trips. Only the EX and above trims have the turbo 4cyl

The base LX has the older 4cyl that has proved to be very reliable if not as fuel efficient.

Try both out you may rule one out. No bad choices between the two.

If you mean new, the April Motor Trend magazine has a test article, “Who Makes the Best Small SUV?” They judged the CRV best and Mazda CX-5 a close 2nd. Forester 3rd…

On the other hand, the May, 2019 issue of Consumer Reports ranks the new compact SUVs in this order:

  1. Subaru Forester
  2. Mazda CX-5
  3. Honda CR-V
  4. Toyota RAV4
  5. Nissan Rogue
  6. Kia Sportage

CR and Motor Trend disagree in their evaluations of motor vehicles? I am shocked, shocked. No, actually used to it, since I have read CR regularly and MT sporadically for decades.

Overall recommendations have some value, but what’s more likely to help a person discern which car they would prefer are the facts and observations contained in the articles themselves. Then some in person tire kicking and driving.

Will your bicycle fit? Bring it!

Car and Driver ranks the CX-5 first.

I think you’d be fine picking ANY of those SUV’s listed. They all are great with minor pro’s and con’s vs one another.