Covers That prevend Hail Damage


I am from BELGIUM - the last 2 years we have sometimes HAIL DAMAGES on CARS.
10 years ago we never suffered from Hail Storm.

I was wondering if someone can give me an update which GOOD methods or covers there are to prevend Hail Damage.

I read about the HailProtector and about some blankets, but is there any good solution?

Thanks for all the feedback!

Greetings from BELGIUM.
Bart Dekerf

The cover you reference should work fine if you have the time to put it on. The email feature could be a big help if they monitor weather conditions where you live. Here is what an auto insurer says about hail protection.

A couple weeks ago the area had baseball sized hail. This breaks windows and a blanket is going to be pretty ineffective for that. Best is a garage or car port.


Hello Bart and greetings from the USA.
I am not trying to be silly but the best protector is a garage.

I saw something on some show about people inventing things and these guys tested them out and trier to find investors.

They had one the went over the car and hooked under the body somewhere. It only took a couple of minutet vto put on and had an air pump…like those “bouncy houses” that you rent for kids parties. It filled it with enough air and then the testers used some kind of air cannon to propel ice balls at it.

It worked great and no damage was done to the car.


You just described the HailProtector OP knows about.

When I was in Oklahoma they had a lot of hail I seen where people would buy regular cloth car covers and underneath they would glue carpet padding for houses under them. They seemed to work really good. Made them about three inches thick and the stuff is pretty cheap.

Sounds suspiciously like my NERF idea. Go for it!

@insightful: You just described the HailProtector OP knows about.

didn’t know the name, but it looked like a easy thing to use and good results.

Though none of my cars are worth the price of it…and we rarely get big hail in Wisconsin.