Could towing be the problem


Had my silverado towed to get the clutch plates replaced. After the truck was fixed I left the shop and went 5 miles down the road and the abs/brake warning light and warning sound came on. Could this be due to having the truck towed or the clutch plates replaced. If towed what could I do to fix it or take it to the shop.


My first impression is, no, the ABS warning probably is not related to the tow that occurred. You need to get a diagnosis first. Clutch work generally gets done without screwing up the brakes accidentally. You need to get the brake system checked out, to determine what’s going on. You could have a pre-existing issue with a brake line, or some other issue that caused the ABS light to come on. If pedal pressure is OK, drive the five miles and get a good mechanic diagnosis. If pedal pressure is no good, get a tow for sure. If you are a relatively low risk person, get a tow.


All I can think of is a wire to one of the front ABS sensors got damaged when it was hooked up to the tow truck, and it let loose all the way (short or open circuit) when you drove. Not very likely, though. You need to get the ABS controller scanned for error codes to find out what is wrong if a visual inspection doesn’t reveal an obvious problem.