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ABS and Brake warning lights

I have a 2000 Silverado with 200K on it. Runs great, but the brake and ABS lights will occasionally come on and stay on until I shut down the engine. The lights dont come on until I hit a rough patch of road. The dealer told me I need a new EBCU, and for a mere 1500 bucks he’d put one in. It acts more like an intermittent open than an actual computer problem. Any know issues with GM ABS? Could it be a lead to one of the wheel sensors? Second question, anyone know where they hid the EBCU on this truck? Thanks in advance…

I’m nowhere near a mechanic. I do have a presumption though: Battery dying or like you said…“intermittent open” When you hit a bump, the open, either between the alternator and battery or between Batt. and ABS happens. I believe the ABS light ‘might’ be because battery feeds ABS - POWER brakes.

Before spending 1500, check/clean connections to battery and also test the diodes/brushes/connection on the alternator.

Hopefully someone smarter (mech.) will come along to post.