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Could my car be totaled?

The right head light is competely destroyed, and a lot of parts fell out. My insurance will cover accidents for a $500 deductible, but is it possible that it may be totaled? I am praying this is something they can cover.

It is a 2018 Hyundai Santa Fe. Still drivable but it looks pretty bad. Sorry for the poor quality.

Too new to be totaled.

Looks like a new fender assembly, hood, bumper, etc…

All bolt-on parts.

Just need to match paint.


You can go to any collision or body shop you prefer but.some insurers will push you into using certain ones. The shop will confirm if it’s just bolt on parts and will match the color.

Yes, you can use any collision center but I prefer to at least use one on the insurance carriers approved list.

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The list that pemco gave my mom was basically every body shop in town that she wanted to talk with.

it sounds like you’re continuing to drive this car, so make sure to keep an eye on the fluids for any leaks, especially the coolant.

You want to chose a shop that has been in business for years, and offers a life time warranty on the body work and paint. This is commonly available. You may keep this car for years and do not want the repaired section to deteriorate quicker than the factory paint. You may well keep this car a long time, as the unclean Carfax will lower the trade in value.
My neighbor has a 28,000 sq ft body shop and does only collision work. Every repair has a life time warranty.