Could mount problem cause misfire?

My car started shaking like crazy, I bought a micromechanic and downloaded the app and ran the diagnostic on my car and it said two of the cyl. were misfireing. I took it to the dealership and the tested it and said the motor mounts were broken and one cyl was misfiring and would have to be replaced. I didn’t want to pay the dealership price so I got a local repair shop to replace the mounts and set an appointment for the cyl to be replaced. However since I got the mounts done the check engine light has gone off and I no longer have the jerking. Amd ,my tester now says that no problem is detected. Could the motor mounts being broken cause the misfire?

Possibly, when the engine shifted with the bad mounts something could have shorted out.

If that shop actually told you that they were going to “replace a cylinder”, I STRONGLY suggest that you never return to that shop. If you would like an explanation, please let us know.

That is the only possibility that comes to mind.


I imagine there is a misunderstanding of terminology aabout replacing a cylinder. Glad the motor mounts helped, and maybe all is fine, I think there may still be an underlying issue, but drive on and be happy.

It sounds like the problem is now solved. Worn-out motor mounts allow the engine to shift around inside the engine compartment more than it was spec’d for, and there’s no telling what sorts of problems with the wiring harness, vacuum hoses, coolant hoses etc that could cause.