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Motor Mounts

I have a 2000 Civic and was wondering how do I know if the motor mounts are bad.

AT or MT ??

Not likely to be bad at this age unless you were in an accident. Even a low speed accident that does no visible damage can rip out the motor mounts. Often you will feel the car pulling in one direction when you accelerate and pull in the opposite direction when you let off the gas at speed.

MT. I did notice that the engine and trans shift upwards when the car is put into gear but only on the passenger side. the driver side mount seems to be the pivot point? This car has over 110K miles just fyi.

There was no accident that the wife can tell me about. This all started Thursday of last week after the check engine light came one. The engine shifting was something I notice while trying to determine why the light came on. So I figured I would try to see if someone could give any information on how to determine if one is bad? Thanks for any information.

Bad motor mounts are unlikely to illuminate the CEL. Take the car to a parts store or a mechanic and have the computer scanned for trouble codes. Then you’ll have a better idea why the light is on.

ON LEVEL GROUND, with the engine off and te hood open, put the transmission in fourth gear and rock the car back and forth. If the engine is jumping around, you can sometimes tell which mounts are bad. You have to put some force behind the push.