2000 Focus


My niece owns a Focus with an engine trembling when she first starts it. Someone told her that it was a motor mount. She plans to buy a new car in a couple of months. Her question is, should she hang on without replacing the motor mount and let the dealer deal with it?


What did “someone” tell her to do?? Changing parts based on pure guesswork is never a very good idea. At least have a real mechanic look at it… A broken motor mount (if it is indeed broken) can lead to other more serious problems…


Who is the “someone?” Was this an actual mechanic who inspected the car and the mounts? If this is really just a thing at start up I’d be skeptical that it is a bad mount.

Is her check engine light on and or flashing? If it is flashing at her then there’s a good chance she won’t get a couple of months out of it.

If it does turn out to be just a bad mount, I’d keep going with it for the last few months of ownership as long as it isn’t literally broken.


Replace the injectors-they are low quality on these cars


The engine might just be misfiring, which can cause the “trembling”. A change of spark plugs (clean air filter?), and a bottle of Techron Fuel Injector Cleaner, dumped into the gas tank, might be all it needs. Why do the expensive stuff?