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Could bad universal joint cause vibration in the floor?

My F150 has been vibrating after I rotated and balanced the tires, but it seems to come and go at highway speeds. It is not in the wheel, but more in the floor. I jacked the front wheels one at a time, and had a little play in the idler arm, but no problem with the ball joints. The tires are good, and rear wheels have their weights on them from last time I balanced them. The truck has 70,000 miles in southern New Hampshire.

This is a typical symptom of an out of balance wheel.

How many miles do the tires have on them? How were they balanced? Did you try a road force balance? Did you check the rims for dents or dings?

the tires have about 25000 on them, and the tread is looking very good. There is a scape on the inside of one of the rear rims where it meets the tire. there are no wheel weights on the inside of the wheel. the wheels were balnaced at a Sullivan Tire and I am not sure how they do it there. if they were ok on the fronts, I would think that they would be ok on the back. the funny thing is that it was fine for about 45 minutes on the highway, and then I did crunch some ice in a driveway, and had the shake on the way home. maybe the rears lost a weight?

There are 2 posts on this subject and they have different information.

I suggest we consolodate everything into one post.

Sullivan Tire on Rt 1 near Portsmouth? I bought tires from them a few years ago, and they couldn’t get them balanced after 2 tries. Finally took it to Pep Boys, fine after that.

thanks…I think I have all of the information that I need now.

If there are no weights on the insides of the rims then I would be HIGHLY suspect of the balance.