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Vibration in F150 after tire rotation

I rotated the tires, got up on the highway, and there was a vibration at various speeds. I had the front tires balanced. I then drove 45 minutes without an issue, and on the way home, they vibrated again…balance rear tires now?

If it started only after 45 minutes of driving, then something happed after 45 miles. I could have lost a weight, in which case the place the balanced them owes you a new balance, or if it was snowy or if you have had a chunk of dried mud etc on a wheel and it just came off, that could have been part of the problem.

Since there seems to have been a change, I would start by looking at the front tyres.

the balancing could have been done wrong, been there. Actually, last place I bought tires at couldn’t get the balance right after two tries. Last time i go there!

You know, before I rotated the tires, it was running fine, then I rotated the tires,got on the highway, and it was OK, and then when I was breaking, it went into a shimmy. I almost thought the tires were going to fall off. I stopped, checked the lugs, and all OK there, then it continued to wobble. I went back to the shop, and they balanced the fronts, but not the backs. I didn’t get on the highway until a week later, and it was fine for a 45 minute drive. Then I did spend some time at a friend’s house, and crunch through some ice at the end of the driveway. On the way home, the truck vibrated again, but all of the exterior wheel weights were still there. Maybe there are interior weights that were scraped off.

The clue is that you braked and got the shimmy:

You have something worn or loose in the front end. Don’t bother balancing tires - it’s not there. Look at suspension bushings / ball joints / tie rod ends / etc.

I jacked up each tire individually, and lifted with a steel bar with no movement from the ball joints. I wiggled at 3 and 9 and felt some play, and when I crawled under, had some play in the idler arm. The things is, that there was not shaking in the wheel, it was more in the feet, and seat. Could it be the universal joint?

Looked at your other post.

Sullivan Tire on Rt 1 near Portsmouth? I bought tires from them a few years ago, and they couldn’t get them balanced after 2 tries. Finally took it to Pep Boys, fine after that.

crunch through some ice at the end of the driveway. On the way home, the truck vibrated again

Any chance some of that ice may have been jammed up in the wheel somewhere?

thanks for the note and info. I’ll keep that in mind in the future and try somewhere else now.