2019 RAM 1500 - Tire vibes

Vibration at 60-70
New tires road force balanced. Still vibrates.

Narrowing the discussion to just tires, the next step is to remove each tire from each rim, rotate 1/4 turn, remount and rebalance. I assume the tire guys did that, but if not…

Me thinks that this is not a 2019 year vehicle . Also after the road force magic Mark did you ask the shop why you still have the vibrations .

… but if it is, this is a warranty issue, so the dealership is responsible for rectifying the problem with a brand-new vehicle.

I assume the new tires were installed by the dealer. What do they say? Are you feeling it in the steering wheel?

I think the first step is to figure out where the vibration is occurring. If you can locate one of the old-time spin balancers that helps identify the wheel. (It’s a machine that spins each wheel separately, while on the vehicle.) The old tech method is to have someone follow and see which tire is bounding/shaking.

Those can be hard to diagnose on a new vehicle. I’ve seen out-of-balance parts (eg. a CV joint w/ 2 ounces out of balance), alignment problems, and faulty factory parts all cause driving problems. The second step might be to take it to an expert alignment shop and have it gone over. The symptoms are very similar to the probs Ford F350’s have. On the Ford, it is often a matter of adding more Camber.

You could switch the front and rear wheels to see if the vibration moves with them. If it doesn’t, then you can probably rule out the tires and wheels.