Cost Estimate of 97 Honda Accord Driver Side Front Axle Bearing Repair

Hi, I have a 97 Honda Accord, 4 cylinder and automatic transmission with 155000 miles.

Recently I heard a clicking sound coming from the PASSENGER side of the front wheel while I make a right turn.

The mechanic says the DRIVER (not the passenger) side of the front Axle bearing had its rubber cover worn out, therefore, exposing the bearing, which may get damaged in the future.

I would appreciate the help on answering:

1. Does driver side axle bearing damage cause a clicking sound on the passenger side?

2. Do I need to replace the whole axle bearing? Or just the rubber cover?

3. How much roughly it will cost me if I decide to have the axle bearing replaced?



I think you have a torn CV joint boot. Each drive axle has two constant velocity joints, one at the transaxle and the other at the wheel hub, and each CV joint has a rubber boot. When the boots tear or crack the grease that lubricates the CV joint is flung out by the rotation of the axle and the joint starts to wear.

When the joint gets dry you hear a clicking noise, usually while turning a corner. You should hear the clicking on the side with the torn boot.

The standard fix for this is to replace the entire drive axle and both CV joints as an assembly. This is because replacing just the joint itself is labor intensive and may end up costing more than a new axle assembly.

Sometimes the joint can be repacked with grease and a new boot installed. It depends on whether or not the joint has been damaged from lack of lubrication.

Your mechanic can give you an estimate for this work. Installation of a new axle requires disassembly of the front suspension on this car.

Its your CV joint, not the axle bearing. The axle bearing is a sealed unit inside the steering knuckle and does not have a rubber boot, and its usually called a wheel bearing. The CV joint has the rubber boot.

If one side goes, the other follows very soon after. Our 97 Accord lost both outer boots within two months. Once the clicking starts, the joint is ruined.

Retail cost on the axles runs $500 for one side and close to $600 for the other, new. Remans from Honda cost about half that. Remans from some parts stores cost a lot less but in my experience are not worth having even if they were free.

New axles from China are available for a little more than the cheap remans and are pretty good. Considering the age and miles, I’d recommend that you go this route, EMPI are the best. Should be about an hour per side for labor, unless you get New Honda axles, then double that as they come un-assembled.