Corvette window stuck if car in sun & hot

I have a 1998 Corvette hatchback w/ about 12K miles that is basically like new. I drive it regularly and service it and its not just a complete hanger queen, although it doesn’t get driven a lot obviously. The problem is that if the car sits in the summer sun and gets hot, the driver’s window won’t go down. Once it cools off in the garage, after you push the button a few times it is normal. Ideas?

Pull the switch and clean it and its harness connection with electronics cleaner - for starters.

Thanks, did that several times actually. No joy though. Also, can hear a click when I push the button when its stuck so there is power. I suppose it could be the relay or regulator but it sure seems odd that it doesn’t work only if it has been in the sun and returns to work when its cooled off. And its always stuck in the up position- once down it will always go up again.