Corrina's Subaru Blinker

A whole new wiring harness for $1100 to fix the blinker? I also live in the Denver area, and there are several “Subaru Specialist” mechanics around (mine is Mobile Mechanics in Golden). These guys generally know Subarus inside and out, and I think they’d be more likely to be able to find or fabricate the part you may need. Good luck.

Horsepucky! The shop is just trying to rip the lady off! If the socket is broken, you can get aftermarket replacements for $2-20 at most any automotive parts store. If it’s just the wiring or an OEM plug, you can get generic replacement plugs in the price range of $10-25 depending on the number of poles. Either way, about the MOST you’re looking at is 1-1.5 hours labor and tops $50 in parts. Wires can be soldered and sealed with environmental heat shrink tubing or connected with a compression environmental splice.

This could be nothing more than a broken/loose bulb too … in most newer vehicles there are two turn/brake lamps in each housing, if one goes out via a broken fillement or loss of connection, the flasher unit does not see enough resistance in the circuit causing the rapid flash condition (done for the purpose of indicating to the driver that there is a problem within that circuit). In my experience, this type of repair typically would cost less than $100 total and more often than not they end-up costing less than $50. This is the kind of crap that makes all the reputable service providers look bad!