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'94 Subaru-Flashers and turn signals not working

The car just had a new computer installed. This did not resolve another issue, so the old computer was re-installed. Upon picking up the car, the flashers and turn signals didn’t light up. The fuses are good, and a brief electrical “exam” did not give any clue as to why this was happening. I remember having to replace a relay in my old Chevy’s, but the lights did work, just didn’t blink. Could this be what needs replacement?

If the flasher and turn signals were working correctly before the computer switch out, take the vehicle back and tell them to fix it.

I can never go back there, he wanted to charge me $850 for the computer and labor (that I didn’t need). After I threatened to take him to court he “let me off” with just paying $350 in cash. I then called him a fat ass and threatened to run over him. I know it wasn’t the best thing to do, but it left me with no car for 2 weeks and now I still have a (more)broken car.

Make sure the flasher unit is getting power to it. If it is then try replacing it and see if that clears the trouble. Using a test light probe makes it easy to check for power.