Cooling issues Ford 302

Hi Everyone, cooling question for you all. I have a 1972 Ford Galaxie with a 302 in it. It sat in storage for a few years, I pulled it out and it’s had quite a bit of work done on various parts. Cooling wise, I had the coolant flushed multiple times, a couple hoses replaced, and a new thermostat installed but she still starts overheating pretty quickly. Does anyone have any ideas? Should I replace the water pump or radiator?

Have someone test the radiator with an infra-red heat gun. Also, IIRC, that car has a viscous fan clutch. Have that checked also.

If that is the original radiator I would replace it along with upper and lower radiator hoses.
If I recall correctly you plan to keep this car for sentiment reasons, might as well do the radiator now.

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I have 302 ford truck similar vintage. Cooling seems under designed imo. Esp w automatic trans during long idles hot day. If system holds pressure ok and rad cap ok suggest remove radiator and flush updide down also straighten bent fins for airflow. Replace tstat if not done yet. You may need to install elec fan to get results.


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Awesome, thanks everyone for your help!

Problem is solved?