Over heating

My 2000 Ford Ranger over heats when I stop at traffic lights. I took it to Tire Kingdom and hey suggested a new thermostat and a radiator flush. I did both and it continues. What is the issue?

Have you (or a mechanic) verified that the cooling fans are operating as they are supposed to?

I would suggest avoiding tire stores and taking the car to a real mechanic of the independent variety.

A BIG +1 for @VDCdriver on this one.

Probaly need a new radiator,Fords seemed to be especially bad about the coolant going bad after a certain interval and a lot of Folks just dont see the need for a coolant change. I Remember a Pinto I bought,it hadnt gave trouble yet,but one day I popped the radiator cap and it looked like orange crush in there so I flushed and changed the coolant as quick as possible.From then on out.I was always careful about the coolant,but when you swap the coolant use commercial50/50 or cut straight glycol with rainwater or distilled water,only use tap water as a last resort(a plugged radiator is hard to clean)-Kevin

Sounds like your fan clutch may have failed

Could also be a bad water pump. But first check the fan as suggested above.

Always do the cheap stuff first,if you are not sure of the problem-Kevin