Coolant resevoir

How hard is it to replace a coolant resevoir on a 2002 chevy malibu? there is a leak and my son says its coming from resevoir.

I’m assuming you’re talking about the plastic overflow reservoir and not the radiator.

On most cars this is a fairly simple job. Look under the hood and see where the coolant reservoir is located. This will give you some idea of how hard it will be.

yes, the plastic thing that you pour the coolant into. It looks simple enough, but i am not a car person and didn’t want to get into something i might regret. it seems easy enough to get to.

My question , is the reservoir cracked and leaking or is the coolant overflowing it?

definitely not overflowing…leaking, so i’m assuming it is cracked. My son (its his car) says he can see where it is leaking from and it is from the actual resevoir.

Erika, Get A Price For A New One From A Chevrolet Dealer And Then Call A Local “Take It Off Yourself” Automotive Salvage Yard (Car Grave Yard).

If the “used part price” is very reasonable compared with new and a yard has a couple (same year, make, model) cars to choose from, your son can go there with some tools and practice taking one off of a “cadaver car.”

He can see how dificult it is and learn to do it all at the same time. Then he will know how to take his off and install it by reversing the steps.

A local salvage yard is a friend to the owner of a 2002 car. The more familiar one becomes with it, the better.

Many auto parts stores sell fairly inexpensive car repair manuals, specific to year, make, and model and many public libraries have some large manuals available in the reference section.