2015 Chevrolet Camaro - coolant reservoir fix

So, I bought my car used from a dealership. Everything was fine until I hit a dog and it obviously messed my bumper up and broke the coolant reservoir. I took the car drifting one day, and then it started overheating. I’m pretty sure its because the coolant reservoir is broken. I know, you may think I’m stupid. This is my first sports/muscle car and not many people know much about camaros in my area. What do you guys suggest that I do? Fix it myself or take it in?

well you should of fixed the coolant reservoir first before you went drifting. that you probably could of done yourself. but now that you overheated your engine you might have done more damage. possible head gasket problem, thermostat might need to be replaced. but if your lucky the minimum that you will need to do is replace the reservoir, add coolant and bleed the air out of the system. being it is your first car take it to a professional to have it fixed correctly. and unless you have deep pockets… stop drifting.

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You’re right. But then again it’s not my car.


Take it to your shop and let them fix it for you.

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Rockauto has a coolant reservoir for you car.

Only one supplier there has it.

So I wouldn’t wait ordering one.

These aren’t difficult replace.

So you’ll save a lot of money if you do it yourself.


There is not anything complicated about a 2015 Camaro so there is no reason a decent shop can’t fix this.

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I’m more upset about the dog, to be honest


Well, it was the owners fault for not having their dog on a leash. Plus they live on one of the busiest highways in my city. Plus plus, in my city, you’re supposed to have your dog on a leash. Regardless if you have a fenced in yard or not.

Owners fault. Kids though aren’t always on leashes.

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Lol. I see why you would say that and make that type of comparison. But people hit animals everyday. Especially when it’s dark out. If it makes you feel any better, I swerved as much as I could before hitting the dog. It’s still well and alive also.

Glad to hear the dog’s fine

I’m guessing you could easily find a new coolant reservoir on ebay, rockauto, etc.

This is something you could easily fix yourself

By the way, are the electric cooling fans working properly?

thank you and yes, they are. They do turn off though whenever my car overheats. It doesn’t overheat everyday though. It’s like maybe once or twice a week.

Are you sure the radiator isn’t also leaking?

When hitting an animal, I would think radiator damage is common

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You hit a dog with enough force to presumably damage your bumper cover, and break the coolant overflow reservoir and the dog came out of it okay? Did you hit Clifford or something?


Today’s engines don’t like to be overheated. If you’re doing it repeatedly, you’re risking an expensive repair here. You really want to get this fixed immediately.