Coolant leaking - Chevy Silverado 2002

I am a broke graduate student and my car is leaking coolant. After parking the car, I can see a small pool on the ground.

Is there a cheap fix for this?

Thanks in advance!

You need to find a broke classmate who knows something about cars, have them take a look. It might be a bad hose, but it might be something more serious (expensive). My '96 model had problems related to the intake manifold, for example. In the mean time, buy a gallon of antifreeze and keep the overflow tank filled. In the morning, before you start it, take off the radiator cap to see if the radiator is full. If not, it’s more serious, fill it and get to a mechanic ASAP.

I’m assuming you’re positive it’s coolant and not condensation from the AC.

Whether or not there’s a cheap fix depends on where the coolant is leaking from and why it’s leaking. A leaking hose is cheap. A leaking gasket could be not so cheap. Someone needs to determine the source of the leak.

Is the engine overheating at all? How much coolant has been lost?

Not overheating yet, because I am filling it up with coolant constantly. I will check around the hoses…


How much do you have to put in, say, each week? Get it looked at soon, there are problems, like a cracked radiator tank (which I had) that can get bad quickly, leaving you stranded. Do NOT be shy about asking for help from a friend of a friend, that kind of thing.