Coolant reservoir

Hi I am the one with a recent problem with the air in my coolant system on my windstar. I followed the advice you guys gave me and bleed the system and the heat started to work. Well today I was driving home and when got out of the van, I noticed the hose on the reservoir is leaking. I want to replace it, but can not find the proper name of the hose to order it. Does anybody know.

If your vehicle has a pressurized reservoir, you’ll want to get this part from the dealer parts department. You’ll pay more than an aftermarket replacement, but the difference will be in dollars and not in hundreds of dollars. If you decide not to buy it from the dealer, the parts guy should be happy to at least provide the nomenclature. It’ll probably be “reservoir hose”.

If it does not, you should be able to adapt tubing from the parts store bought by the foot. You’ll want coolant hose, or even fuel line, because regular polyethylene hose won’t stand up to the heat under the hood. It’ll quickly crack and fail.

Are you sure it’s leaking and not just bleeding off excess coolant?

yes it is leaking. It looks like it will come off with removal of clamps. I will go top the ford dealer as you advised to get the proper part. thankyou

Note that the reservoir itself will often crack on the bottom making it appear as though the hose is leaking as the coolant follows the hose to a lower point. I’ve never bought one for a Windstar, but Taurus ones are cheaper at Autozone, and will probably out last your car.

I thought of that and double checked the reservoir. the leak is at the other end of hose, bjut thank’s for trying to help

update I went to ford dealer for this hose. The cost 123.00 dollars. That is crazy. Will try to match ends of current hose with new pieces and hope for the best

I got lucky once at an Autozone. The clerk let me take the damaged hose and look over the racks of coolant hoses to find a match. It seemed to take a while, but I found a pretty good match at a decent price, around $20. The dealer wanted around $90.

thank you I will head to the auto part stores tomorrow.

Rock auto lists three reservoir hoses, they are available in the aftermarket. You need to know what the other end of the hose is connected to.

Connected to radiator

Be sure to take the old hose with you to the parts store.

do you mean a auto parts store. rock auto has the one I need for about 15.00 dollars. I can not take old hose to them, or are you saying that part stores can get to?

Is it impossible to remove that hose for some reason?

On the O’reilly auto parts site it is listed in the section with the heater hoses.

Small I.D. Molded Coolant Hose
Molded Hose
Reservoir To Radiator

removing the hose has been done. Yes found hose on O’reilly’s will get it tomorrow. Thank’s to everyone. Another windstar problem solved.

Congratulations and sincere best.
Happy motoring.