Problem with husband’s 2002 AWD Pssat:

1. car spontaneously starts to feel like it’s misfiring

2. the engine light icon will flicker

3 car will spontaneously correct itself

4. engine light icon will go off

5 in the past, before current problem,engine light icon has come on for no know reason

What has been done:

1. car has been in the shop many times for various reasons & i currently in the shop for this problem - mechanics drive the car & experience the problem

2. when they get it back to the shop the computer registers that there is a problem but does not identify it

3. new spark plugs have been installed

4. new wiring to cylinders has been installed

Computer must store a code. Find out the code and post it here. Read it yourself for free at an auto parts store if you have to.

Didn’t VW’s from this era have problems with the coils?