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Need Advice on Ignition Problem, 03 Passat

My Passat this afternoon almost didn’t start. Seemed to start immediately as it always does, but died immediately. A restart was difficult, 10 sec of cranking, then appeared to catch on a few cylinders, then a few more, then ran ragged, then OK. Was Ok the rest of the day. Never did this before.

Check engine light went on briefly several times while sputtering. Error codes P0300/1/3 which is about cylinders misfiring. This was after sitting unused 24 hrs. on a cold wet day.

Dealer later tried spraying water on the coil(s) to reproduce the problem to no avail.

03 passat wagon, V6, 54k miles

Question is, if/when this happens again, where can I look for the problem?

Error codes are for cylinders 1 and 3 misfire. It appears there are 6 coils in sets of 3, with 6 wires from the coils to the plugs.

How many miles on those plugs and wires and coils? If they are original, now might be a good time to replace them. Are the coils for 1&3 paired?

yes, original. don’t know the numbering order. suspect they are, tho. Good point, but I’ll wait a bit. About $550 parts store, dealer probably $1000.

Remember when you could get a coil for some very small amount of $$, wires for not much nore…

it sounds like high humidity had something to do with it.

how old are these wires and plugs?

for kicks i would put a new set of wires and plugs on it.

Original. About $550 parts store, dealer probably $1000 — that’s a lot of kicks.