Control arm both sides front. Has been neglected and making noises


Is this a fair price?

The left and right radial control arm on a 2003 Honda Accord. It has already broken off on one side and pushing into the bushings. This is a 2003 Honda Accord. Is that a reasonable price? Mechanic said 900.00 for whole deal and an oil change. Should he include an alignment. Are parts really that hard to find these days? Is a lot of this cost labor? Please advise.



The price might be correct for where ever you are and what shop you use. Should he include an alignment ? Only he can answer if that is included . You can call a few shops and try to get a ball park price . You can’t drive it this way so all you should care about is the final charge and what kind of warranty you will have.

Where have you been ? Everything is hard to get right now and will stay that way for quite a while until this Virus is under some kind of control.

is he using aftermarket parts or Honda Parts? with the age of the vehicle a alignment would be a good idea. and labor is usually the majority of the cost.

That sounds like a reasonable price to me. You will need a wheel alignment regardless of whether it’s included in the price or not.

OEM lower control arms are $340 each, less expensive replacements are available in the aftermarket. I have not experienced any parts shortage, did the repair shop tell you that?

Labor is 2.5 hours. If your mechanic does not have an alignment rack it will need to be aligned somewhere else, there will be an additional charge.

Ok, friends-you have been very helpful. I will give him the go ahead to repair it and discuss the alignment:)