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Control arm and compliance bushings

I have a 2001 honda civic. I was told by the dealer and a local Good Year service station that I needed to have the control arm bushings replaced in order to pass state inspection in PA. I did that 6 months ago and now I have a clunking in the driver’s side front tire area when I go over bumps. The dealer said it was the compliance bushings. Are these actaully different parts or did I get bad bushings from the Good Year? I’m feeling a little scammed.


I live in PA, and I’m unaware that these parts are looked at during the annual state inspection.

How many miles on this Civic? I have cars older than yours, and have never had a problem with bushings.

Also, who replaced the bushings and did the inspection, the dealer or GoodYear?

YES we do inspect for worn,torn,and deteriorated bushings in PA.

just a heads up.

good day.

I also think a little more info needs to be provided. Control arm bushings usually outlast the car they’re attached to unless the car is a high mileage rust bucket beater.

Unless there’s some odd terminology used in PA I don’t even know what a “compliance” bushing is.
A clunking noise often points to a faulty strut, worn out ball joint, sway bar bushing or end link, etc.

they ment to comply with the law.

said bushing does not exist.

play on words.

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