Compliance Brushings



Hey guys,

I took my car into the shop today to get my brakes fixed and the guys said I needed a new compliance brushing. I have a 2002 honda civic I notice a noise when I go over bumps. they quoted a price of 365…I just need to know if I am geting scammed or is this a real problem.



They’re bushings, and they do wear out. If you’re having a noise, that could be the cause. Is this the dealer? If so, an independent shop might do it cheaper.


don;t know what that is?


This is a local shop…but after browsing on the internet some say it is not necessary and say it is…Please help


You mean compliance bushings, and I have heard of them. I am sure they are something to the effect of control arm bushings but since we do not do a great deal of Honda suspension work I cannot be accurate.


If you have any doubts, go get a second opinion. If the bushings are bad, they probably should be replaced.