Considering to buy a 2013 Toyota Corolla

Hi, I am buying my first car. I found a cheaper 2013 Toyota Corolla… but… I know absolutely nothing about cars.
How is the reliability for this make?
Gas mileage? / Miles per gallon?
Approximate expenses if needs to be fixed in the future? (I know location and shop will play a role, but is this make generally more expensive to fix when it needs fixing or on the less expensive side?)

Any other tips/advice/information?
& on my car hunt, what questions would be good to ask to ensure I’m getting a good car?

As a model, the 2013 Corolla has much better than average reliability. It’s among the best of the best used cars. (Consumer Reports, April 2020.) But the history and condition of this particular car counts, too. If you have a trusted car-savvy person to advise you, and take it to a trusted mechanic for a thorough check, you’ll be better able to decide.

I’d also advise getting Consumer Reports for April 2020 (April is always their car issue.) They also publish used car buying guide special magazines from time to time. You won’t know nothing about cars any more if you read and ponder those publications.

Good luck and please keep us informed.


You ask if you can take it to a shop for an inspection ( about 125.00 to 150.00 ) to see if there are any problems . That will not guarantee trouble free but will put the odds in your favor .
As a first time buyer I would avoid private sale from Craigslist or any online market place. Also look at the Carmax web site if there is one near you because while not the lowest prices they do have a decent warranty and return policy.

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You don’t mention how many miles but this should have been serviced at least every 10,000 miles for oil changes with the 5K intervals being tire rotations. If you have a independent shop that others you know use they can give you an idea of the cost for upcoming services. Usually much cheaper than the dealer’s quotes but it really varies.

Mileage seems to vary between high 20’s to low 30’s. Otherwise these are really good cars.


FWIW, I drive a 2009 Corolla, which is a very similar car. Mine has been very reliable and just turned over 118k. Ignition coils have been a trouble spot, as has the alternator. Mileage in the upper 20’s in town, mid 30’s on the highway. If an inspection doesn’t turn up any problems and the price is right, I’d say go for it.


My son has my 2009 Corolla and have the same maintenance as @davepsinbox_157004, but for a car that age that is not too bad. The car starts, runs and keeps running. I have a 2015 Corolla and it has been trouble free. As others have said take it to a mechanic and have them inspect it before you but it.

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I had one of these as a weekend rental back in 2014 worth about 30k on it. Basically it was as expected from a Toyota, designed for the average consumer but it does the job . I likrfd the Scion I’m better but I’m partial to hatchbacks.