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Confirm wheel bearings going bad in Nissan Altima

I THINK my wheel bearings are going on my 2003 Nissan Altima. It has about 95k miles on it and it has been making what I would call a mid-toned rumble or a low pitched rattle (imagine shaking a metal box full of rocks). The noise is coming from the front driver’s side. It’s more subdued when driving in really wet weather. I am more aware of it when I drive at slower speeds. It doesn’t seem to change when I turn the wheel either way, and it definitely gets more pronounced when I go over a bump or a rough patch. I recently had my front rotors and pads replaced, naiively hoped that might fix it - wishful thinking - and stupidly forgot to ask my mechanic about it then. I need to call to schedule a repair, but I would like to be prepared and to know if anything else might make this noise. (and I don’t want to jack it up and shake the wheel or anything).
Approximately how much does it cost to have this fixed?

It sounds more likely to be something like a ball joint issue instead. Either way, you don’t mess with stuff like this as a wheel bearing or ball joint failure is fairly catastrophic. Without really knowing what it is its impossible to say much about $$, but figure at least a couple/few hundred bucks either way.

Move the wheel to another location to eliminate or confirm the possibility that it is tire noise. A failing wheel bearing will most likely not show up as a loose wheel so jacking the car up and shaking the wheel may not prove anything.

It doesn’t sound like a bad wheel bearing to me, but you should have your mechanic check it and find out what it is. As cigroller suggested, a bad ball joint is a possibility. A bad anti-sway bar bushing also comes to mind, especially if you hear the rattle when driving over bumps.

Regardless of what’s making the noise, you need to have it fixed.

Don’t tell the mechanic what you think it is, just describe the noise you hear and tell the mechanic when it occurs. He, or she, will figure it out.

WOW!!! Hold the boat here Jackson. This is a plan and simple case of over tightening the wheel lug nuts (WHICH) can cause warped brake rotors or wheel bearings that were not in GREAT shape to start making noise! Is it there falt YES they over tighten the lug nuts and streched the threads on the studs besides what you noticed. Will they admit it HELL NOI!!! 24 years of holding a GENERAL ASE CERTIFIED TECHNICIAN! And supervising want to bees and no it alls for over 12 years.

I think the OP has either solved the problem or gotten rid of the car after 6 years…

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Why did you read this then! And even reply!

@Bairdu Calm done , it was pointed out that this thread is old and you don’t need to use capital letters ( as if you were yelling ) and missed spelled words will not help your cause. New members are welcomed and needed but relax and enjoy the forum. I am trying to point out that there are many current questions that could be answered if you have the possible solution.

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