2011 Nissan Altima wheel bearing repair cost

Had my car in for inspection in September.The mecanic said that the left front wheel bearing was noisey and would need to be replaced sometime.How much is a good price for this repair and how would I know when it needs to be done as he only said sometime.What will happen if the bearing goes completely?

If the bearing goes completely, you or someone else could be seriously injured.

The time to replace it is now.

I can’t tell you a cost because prices vary by where you live.

on rock auto they run from $70-90 plus depending on what brand . Dealer would charge somewhat more than that and probably at least an hour book time at $100 an hour plus . I would count on $300 at least .

When I had that problem on my VW Rabbit the faster I drove, the louder it got. Made sort of a growling noise. And the more miles I drove with the bad bearing, the louder it got. In my case it got so loud I had no choice but to get it repaired. It never totally failed. But they can fail in a way that locks up the wheel, and cause a difficult to control skid. Something best avoided.

My daughter told me her wheel bearing was noisy. Maybe she listens to my advice to pay attention to odd noises.

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