Condensation in head/tail lights

I have a 2000 grand prix. The headlight s & tailights are constantly full of condensation. How can I remove the condensation & prevent it from reoccurring? I already replaced one of the tailights & same problem. My moms equinox has same issue. I’ve heard using hair dryer to dry lights out. Is that safe?

Yes, you can safely use a hair dryer to evaporate accumulated moisture in the light housing–once you open up the housing. However, this will be a constantly recurring process unless you can effectively seal the housing. Otherwise in the long run, you will likely wind up with corroded bulb sockets that will need to be replaced.

Apparently, the original gaskets have developed some cracks. If you can’t obtain replacement parts, I think your best bet is to seal the housings with clear caulking, applied in as thin a stripe as you are capable of doing.

I’ve not tried it, but I’ve read that the bonding used for the assemblies is “plastic” at 200F. The lens should be able to be successfully removed at that temperature.

Try an internet search for opening and resealing headlight assemblies. There’re instructions out there.

I cured a problem like this on my Lincolns by actually venting them instead of sealing them. Removal of a 1/4" plug on the bottom of the lamp housings and drilling a vent hole up top (not rain water accessible) completely cured what was an aggravating and chronic problem due to high humidity here. In a phrase; flow through ventilation. :slight_smile: