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Compliance ball joint

I sent my Honda civic 2001 in for an oil change. They told me that the compliance ball joint is slightly cracked. He said that I don’t need to replace it right away, just in the next 6 months. Does that sound safe to you?

Well! Your vehicle has lower ball joints and upper ball joints. But there’s not a component called a compliance ball joint. There is however a component called a strut rod bushing that connects the strut rod to the subframe of the vehicle. If this is the component that they’re talking about, it’s normal for these bushings to crack slightly because the rubber is exposed to the elements. You just don’t want to see this bushing deteriorate to the point where it starts coming apart.


Thank you for your info! As you may have guessed, I am completely ignorant when it comes to cars. I have the print out from the dealer, and it says: “FRT complainmce bushings starting to crack.”

The verdict from my dad: “Don’t go on any long road trips.”

From husband: “Yup, these things happen.”

Guess I should take it in more than once a year for maintenance.

Thanks again,

Here is a link to a picture of your control arm. The picture shows the control arm with two bushings attached to it. The ball joint would be on the opposite end, and is not installed on the control arm. I think the compliance bushing is the one on the bottom that looks like a donut