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Compatible Parts

Okay Gentlemen,
I’m trying all different avenues for my Mercury. I believe that a Power Brake Booster for a ‘63’ Galaxie will work for my ‘64’ Mercury Montclair.
Hard to get the info I need on the internet, cause I’m not sure exactly sure where to look.
Everytime I go to Google, I get so many ads for everything else but what I need.
Thanks so much.

SGT Josh Lindstrom

The problem is you’re working on a very rare car. So finding parts is going to be difficult. Or even a web site that addresses these cars.

You’re the one that has to figure out what will work and won’t work to keep the vehicle safely on the road.

Old cars can be fun to own, and then not.


I sometimes look up parts on the auto parts websites and compare part numbers for compatibility.
In this case, it shows the Galaxie and Montclair as having 2 vastly different part numbers so this means that a Galaxie would not be a direct fit and may take some adapting.
(Can’t blame you for considering it though; the Galaxie is under a 100 dollars and the Montclair is almost 500. Ouch.)

You might also check a copy of Hemmings Motor News. I think there are several vendors who run ads in there for rebuilding brake boosters.

Nope don’t think so. Looks like 62 and 63 are but not 64. Its $400 too. Go to and plug in the vehicle information, click on brake and again on the booster. The parts will pop up. If you click on the part number, it will show the interchange information for cars using the same part. The Ford and the Merc are different part numbers.