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Brake Booster Compatibility

I’ve been on here a few times asking about ways to save some money for a Power Brake Booster for my ‘64’ Mercury Montclair.
My question is whether or not an 8 inch dual Diapraghm Power Brake Booster out of a Ford Bronco would be compatible in my Mercury?
Until I can spend $400 for a brand new booster, I want to get power brakes in my car so I don’t have to work so hard to get that 4200lb. beast to stop. It’ll be alot safer too. I have been searching Salvage Yards near the Nashville,TN area but to no avail.
If no one can answer this for me directly, maybe someone can point me in the right direction.
Thank you Gentlemen!


If you are going this route, consider upgrading the master cylinder as well. They work as a team. The thing to look out for is how the master cylinder connects to the pedal assembly. Using a different booster/cylinder unit may require careful fitment og the pushrod from the brake pedal and maybe a fabricated rod. Also a fabricated mounting bracket to mount the booster/cylinder in the correct position with the proper angle. Other than that, it could work.

I’m planning out a complete disc brake conversion front and rear on my '62 T-Bird, including a more modern booster/cylinder out of a later model Town Car. These are some of the things I have on my list to consider.

You might check this place and see if they have a brake booster that you can exchange yours for, or send yours in to get rebuilt.


Brake systems are designed as a single unit. You can’t start playing “Mix & Match” now and expect satisfactory results…Brake parts from a Ford Galaxy might be identical and there are more of them to choose from…There is more to power brakes than just the power booster…The push-rod between the brake pedal and the booster and the master cylinder and its push-rod will be different from the standard-brake system.

While I generally agree with the other posters that the booster should be compatable with the brake pedal lever geometry, the engine vacuum, etc., hot rodders have been trying different booster conbinations for decades. I say if it fits physically, try it. The worst that can happen is that your brakes become hyper sensitive or even worse than they already are.

One point: if you’ve boosted the intake, you’re not going to get much value from a vacuum operated booster.

But I have to point out that if you still have the origginal drum brake systm on your '64 Montclair, the brakes are going to be terrible compared to today’s disc brake systems no matter what you do.

Good luck fixing up your Merc.