I have a 95 Buick park Ave ultra supercharged. I need a supercharger pulley,i think thats what its called, the one with 2 slots. It’s a 3.8 liter, and I really need compareable makes and models with years that I can mix and match this thing with please. You guys are awesome. Chris

I don’t know if this is the best way, but you could poke around on and see what makes/models take the same part.
OK, I just googled ‘auto parts compatibility’ and that looked like it could help…

It doesn’t look like Rockauto has anything except the supercharger itself and that is sent in to Cardone for rebuilding. Looks like only the 94 or 95 other GM cars use the same. This was the application info from Rockauto.

Application Data: Supercharger
Buick Riviera 1995-1995
Application Data: Supercharger
Oldsmobile 98 1995-1994
Application Data: VIN Code 1
Oldsmobile Delta 88 1995-1995
Application Data: VIN Code 1
Pontiac Bonneville 1995-1994
Application Data: VIN Code 1

Follow up question, I pulled the same looking pulley from a 95 Buick Riviera with a 3.8 supercharged engine. Is it compatible? Thanks

Well I’ve got the 95 Riviera service manual and I believe they are all the same. There were two engines, the code K which was the non-supercharged 3800, and the Vin 1 which was the supercharged version. Its the 8th digit on the VIN so you can see if yours is also a VIN 1 or check the build sheet for the RPO L67 option. Can’t believe there is any difference though.

If you really want to double check, you can go to a GM dealer site like I believe McNallyGM that has the parts diagrams, then compare the parts numbers for both. I’m not sure they would even have a separate part for the pulley though and might just list the whole supercharger.

Sure the problem is the pulley and not the coupler?

Is it rattling? If so, the coupler may be the problem.

@Boski Are you speaking of the pulley on the supercharger itself, or the one on the idler? I think the idler is no longer available from GM, but if its bearing is bad, you may be able to have the old bearing pressed out of its housing and replaced.

As stated above, the blower was the same on '94 and '95 3.8L cars. It used a two belt system. Later ones used a single serpentine belt.