Jeep or Honda


I currently have jeep grand cherokee, looking a jeep libert (07) and Honda CRV (07) Any advise?? Thanks


Test drive both for at least 30 mins. I think if your not ever going to venture off-road I think you may find the CRV significantly more comfortable. I would add the choice RAV4 current generation if you have not already ruled it out.


If you do any off road driving, the Jeep is the proper choice. The CRV will behave more like a car, if that appeals to you.


I really wouldn’t consider them comparable vehicles.

The Honda CRV is mainly for decent traction in snow light off roading. The jeep is better at off roading and can tow a lot more.

If you’re just going to buy for better traction in the snow then get the CRV for better reliability.