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Colorado,.. will not turn over or even crank.. No Power

I have a 2007 Colorado,… Recently I turned the key and got nothing, No ignition, no lights, no display. I jiggled the gear shift lever and it started… However the clock reset to 12:00. It worked fine the rest of the day. I did it again the next day. Same thing,… but the dash said “AC Off” and the temp gauge did not work. Got it home shut it down. Waited a while and it worked fine.

Now 5 days later it happened again.

What is it?? Fuse Block?, BMC?, or the Steering column…

Check the battery terminals for a loose or corroded connection. This recently happened on my Silverado, and a simple twist of the side-terminals on the battery made the connection. This would account for nothing electrical working, and a weak connection might account for the other issues. If not, sorry I can’t be of more help. It is hard to torque down the side terminal posts, and they eventually get loose.