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2004 Chevy Colorado Starting issues, etc

2004 Colorado w 5 cyl. About 4-6 times per year (randomly) the truck will either not start, or the electric locks won’t work or the turn signal flashes irradically or the electric windows won’t operate. Currently the locks refuse to work on any door, but the windows work everwhere except the drivers door. Mechanics opinions seem to revolve around the body control module, but the error codes, don’t seem to support this.

I don’t like pin the tail on the donkey - I’m always tearing off the blindfold so that I can see. So perhaps you could include what error codes have been read that don’t seem to support a BCM issue.

I can tell you though that randomly weird working/not working accessories on a GM often come come from something as simple as a loose ground OR as annoying as a bad BCM. But it’s pretty hard to even start responding without error codes.

To see if the trouble is possibly due to a faulty chassis ground connection run a jumper wire from the negative battery teminal to the driver’s door. Then see if the locks work. If that doesn’t help then check the power going to the lock switch while the lock switch is in the working position. If you have no power and then releasing the switch you do see power then there is a faulty connection to power somewhere. Perhaps in the fuse panel or in a bad splice connection.

2007 Chevy Colorado will crank but not start usually about once a year but now it has done it 3 times in the last month. I’ve learned not to call AAA but to pretend I did, wait about the time it would have taken AAA to come and then retry starting it, and it starts up just like nothing happened. Is this something Ralph Nader put in the computer or what? This last time, I removed the neg terminal from the battery hoping a “reboot” might cure the problem but it didn’t. 59,000 miles. Seems like by this time someone would have come up with a solution. Scotto

When it does not start spray starter fluid in the throttle body. If it starts, then it’s fuel. If not you need to look at spark. As far as a solution, this is an old post and you need to open a new one. Are there any codes?