Won't start at times

Hello friends…2006 chevy Colorado,4 cyl engine,50000 miles,at times when engine is warm it won’t restart,when cold no problem,starter turnes engine over OK,just won’t start,wait 15–30 minutes starts OK…when engine is running it runs good…drives good,Chevy Dealer found no problems,I can find no fault codes when hooked up…any ideas would be a great help…thank you…kenny b

When it fails to start, check for spark. Then post back. The problem is either ignition or fuel related, this will isolate it down.


My 2007 Colorado 4 cylinder has done this since new. This happens maybe 10 times a year. I have had it to three dealerships through the years. They could never duplicate the condition and denied having ever heard of such a condition. Took it to an independent shop last year. The mechanic ran a can of seafoam through a vacuum hose on the upper intake. His theory was that the valves had excessive carbon build up. He may have been onto something. It didn’t act up again for eleven months. The truck has 80k miles on it. I traded in a Toyota 4x4 with 400k miles to buy the Colorado. This is the last General Motors purchase I will make. I believe they make some decent cars and trucks, however I feel after having it in their dealers more than thirty times it should’ve been properly diagnosed. Personally, I feel they have no interest once you sign on the line. That’s my opinion

I think most techs care about their work and want the customer to be happy but intermittent problems like this can be hard to pin down. He could throw a lot of new parts at the problem hoping one of them will fix the trouble but might not make the customer happy about the high repair bill. A lot of these kind of issues tend to be simple wire connection problems which don’t usually get replaced.

When this kind of trouble happens it usually due to one of two things. Either the ignition system has a problem or the fuel delivery system is at fault. The easy way to find out which it is, is carry a can of starter fluid with you to have on hand when the problem happens again. If the engine doesn’t respond to a small shot of ether sprayed unto the air filter or air intake then you can be pretty sure the ignition system is the cause of the trouble. Whenever having ignition problems the first thing to check for a problem is the power to it. If the fuel delivery system is the trouble then the fuel pump relay and power to the pump need to be checked.

I have a 2006 Colorado LT hows the 5clcy it will trun over put wont start put it is getting gas

Found that this is a common problem http://coloradofans.com/forums/67-technical-questions-tips-how/142229-colorado-wont-start-times.html

“Does the red security light come one on the dash when this happens? I’d say it’s a passlock II issue, if just waiting fixes the problem. The fuel system doesn’t just “heal” itself unless something electronic is restricting it from working. When the passlock system reads your key wrong, it locks out the injectors. It will allow the car to crank, but it will not supply any gas to the cylinder. Waiting 15-20 min would correct this issue and allow you to start. Next time you have this issue see if the red lock over car symbol is on, if so this is a passlock issue.”