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2004 Chevrolet Colorado turns over, but won’t start in the morning

When I go to start the truck in the morning it will turn over but not start. This does not happen on a consistent basis and if I wait 10 minutes it will start. Sometimes it will turn over and the re-turn over again, my hand is not on the key. It’s like it starts all over again by itself and won’t start after this. I left it at a garage for a week and it failed, they put in a new fuel pump and I still have problems. I have read online that other people have had the same trouble. Thoughts?

If the engine is cranking over without you touching the key then something is wrong with the ignition switch operation. There may be an ignition circuit problem also since the engine isn’t starting while cranking it. The fuel pump could have been an issue but the fuel pump relay could also be a problem if the trouble is fuel related.

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Ask you shop to start w/ the problem where it cranks a second time even after you release the key. Pretty good chance once that’s diagnosed & repaired the other problem will also be solved. If you feel lucky and don’t want to pay for an actual diagnosis you could cross your fingers and just replace the ignition switch ass’y.