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2002 C70 Convertible Top is Stuck Open!

Yikes! My 2002 C70 Convertible Roof is stuck open. It is not a fuse. There is NO sound when I press the roof switch.

There is a manual emergency procedure located in the trunk - which can not open because the roof storage compartment hatch is stuck open vertically. I have calls in to two different reputable and knowledgable garages in my area and I’m not getting any solutions!

Help! Janartbooks

Like the old Ford Skyliners with the folding hardtop, there will be several limit switches that signal the top mechanism to move to the next step in the movement process…Carefully examine the brackets holding the storage hatch open for something blocking or fouling the position sensors that signal the top mechanism to proceed to the next position…

If all else fails, you drive it (slowly) to a Volvo dealer Monday morning. If rain is in the forecast, have a tarp handy…Good Luck…

It’s a very complicated system with multiple motors, switches and potentiometers. I included the opening sequence to give you an idea of just how complicated it is. I would look to see if anything has gotten in the way of the switches and check fuses. Then to the dealer I would go.