Cold weather and clutch

I have a 1997 Honda Civic with 108,000 miles. When I got in the car after work today, the clutch had less play than usual (it engaged almost immediately when I depressed it) and it was hard to switch gears (especially back into first after a stop). It’s been very cold lately and the car had been sitting for about 8 or 9 hours in 10 degree weather. After a while, changing gears became easier, but nothing changed with the clutch - it still had no play.

Any ideas?

Loss of freeplay (or a very high clutch pedal) are classic signs of pressure plate concerns,possible friction surface breakage,its internal with the clutch.

Have you ever changed the brake fluid?

These are classic symptoms of a failing clutch master cylinder. The clutch release system cannot fully disengage the clutch. If the reservoir level is up to full and there are no signs of leaking at the slave cylinder and fluid lines, suspect a worn master cylinder. Master cylinders seem to act up first when they get colder than ordinary. At least the master cylinder replacement is fairly inexpensive for the part and labor.

Hope that helps

I also believe that this is indicative of a clutch master cylinder that is on its way out. Have it replaced before you wind up being stranded.