01 mitsubishi eclipse clutch pressure

My eclipse never had any problems it has 137k miles on it and a couple weeks ago we got a big snow so I didn’t go anywhere so the car sat in the cold for 3 days without moving I tried starting it to go to work to find out I had no pressure on my clutch went all the way to the floor. I bled the clutch refilled and it worked drove it for 2 weeks no problem. We jus got another big snow let it sit again n now it is doing the same thing. My mechanic said he couldn’t find any leaks but I’m thinking it has to b a master or a slave leak. What do u guys think anything is appreciated.

If it were the slave cylinder the fluid in the master cylinder would be low and there would also be hydraulic fluid on the floor/ground.

It sounds like the master cylinder is leaking internally.

And if you decide to replace the master cylinder, also replace the slave cylinder. When one goes, the other isn’t far behind.


Yea I popped the hood when I felt it had no pressure n it had no fluid in it but even when u fill it up still no pressure until u bleed it same thing that happened the last time what I don’t understand is y it only happens in the really cold weather

I drove it for 2 weeks after I bled it the first time n it was cold jus not really cold n snowy like it is now


Almost certainly the slave master cylinder is on the fritz. I don’t think it has anything to do with the weather, that’s just a coincidence. Even if it was weather related, by summer it wouldn’t be working either I expect. It’s not an uncommon problem, and is easily repaired. I’ve had to do this job twice on my 90’s Corolla. If you decide to do it yourself, be aware you may need some specialty tools due to where the device is mounted. And you may need to remove some stuff that is in the way first. Suggest to consult a repair manual for the proper procedure.

I understand what your saying n appreciate the feedback what confuses me is y it would mess up I fix it then run fine for 2 weeks n then crap out again if it was leaking wouldn’t u think it would leak within those 2 weeks

N yea I have a mechanic that does my work

N the thing is the fluid stays up whenever it is not so cold seems like when it gets real cold like negatives it drains it all out causing the air pocket n therefore no pressure

Clutch slave and master cylinders can fail or even be erratic when they’re failing and they can do so even with a full fluid level. Cold weather can often mean the end of them due to the effect of cold on old rubber.

Tester is correct of course; replace both. One usually follows the other when they die.

If there’s been any difficulty shifting gears or gear gnashing then that’s even more of a reason to swap them out. Clutch cylinders are cheaper than transmissions.

Ok well that is good to kno n I wouldn’t say difficulty shifting gears but 1st to 2nd has been a little rougher then it used to b all the other gears r fine tho but I guess I’ll jus get em both switched out. But just for the sake of not having to post again if I do replace them both n still have this problem what is the next step.

Thanks everyone for the help

If both MC and slave cyl’s are replaced and they still leak? Then it must be a leaky connection somewhere and not the cylinders. Clean everything and watch, find where the leak is. If there’s no leak but the clutch pedal still goes to the floor, that would mean either there’s air in the hydraulics, or there’s some major mechanical disconnection somewhere, if it’s not readily apparent by a visual inspection near the slave cyl, it is most likely inside the clutch housing and would probably require the transmission to come out…

So the master cylinder does lose hydraulic fluid.

Then what you want to do is look under the dash where the clutch pedal rod passes thru the firewall, and see if hydraulic fluid is running down the inside of the firewall and under the carpet.