Cold transmsstion takes time togo

why does my transmission need to warm up in cold weather before it will go in gear?

I’v tried every gear and reving the engine slightly to get it going quicker.

the reving will get it going but my spider sensors tell me it causes more harm the good.

during summer months here in the south it doesn’t happen.

2001 pontiac grand prix

I’ll assume its an automatic. I’d change out the fluid for a synthetic …but at least swap out the sump (a bit less than half the fluid).

If it continues, I would suggest getting Auto-Rx and doing the trans treatment before a fluid exchange. Quite easily done DIY via the cooling lines.

Im not sure I understand. step 1 - change fluid. then - get Auto-Rx (mechanic?) and do trans treatment? but before a fluid exchange (like in step 1)?

When you have the transmission fully warmed up (after a 10 to 20 minute drive on the highway), check that the fluid level is right at the ‘hot’ line. Have the car on a level pad; engine running in ‘park’; wipe the dip stick; and take several readings wiping in between. If the level is low, add fluid till it is at the ‘hot’ line.

If the fluid level is okay and the cold delayed engagement still persists, do as Geeae states have the transmission pan dropped; pan debris analyzed; the pan and magnet cleaned; filter changed; and filled with the required fluid.

If the problem still persists, try ‘AutoRx’, a transmission treatment in a can available at a auto parts store. Follow the instructions on the side of the can. This treatment will swell the seals and may give you a little more life to the transmission. If the seals have truely gotten stiff and are worn, the only true cure is to have the seals replaced which means a transmission overhaul.

BTW, how many miles on this car?

thanks very clear and concise. 132000 miles. automaticwas corectly assumed. will attempt promptly and hope to give feed back on results soonest.

If you come up low on fluid you must do 2 things. First, if you add any it has to be the right kind of fluid - not just anything will do. I’m almost certain that your grand prix needs Dexron III. If in doubt you could double check by calling parts/service at a nearby dealer (tho I’m sure someone here could verify for certain). Second, you need to find and fix the leak. That’s the only way you end up low on trans fluid. Cross your fingers on the low fluid. The other alternatives aren’t good.