Engaged with My Transmission

After 101K miles, and with original fluid full and pink, the transmission won’t engage immediately when it’s cold in the morning or if the car wasn’t used for a day. It may take several minutes. What is the likely failure mechanism and what can be done to maybe fix it without replacing or rebuilding it?

I do not know your car/truck but it looks like you have an internal leak between the hydraulic clutches (the seals) or a problem with the valve body. You need to have it checked.

Thanks for your reply, castironman. If it’s the seals and gets too bad to ignore, what do you think of additives that soften seals?

How long has it been since the fluid AND FILTER were changed?? Flushes are worthless unless the pan is dropped and the filter changed…

“AFTER 101K MILES AND WITH ORIGINAL FLUID”? <-----Are you saying the fluid in your trans is the same fluid you have had for 101,000 miles? If yes, then start by changeing the fluid and filter before you spend any money anywhere else.

You’re about 70,000 miles too late to fix this one. Automatics need to be serviced every 25-30k miles, REGARDLESS… Additives wont cure this. There could be trash in the valve body or in the pumps regulator valve or the piston seals in the clutches have hardened. If thats the case some Berrymans could soften the seals on a temporary basis. The only cure for this is a rebuild.