Code 0601 is reading. What issues

It’s reading that code 0601 saying pcm. I’m worried that the van is shifting weird from first to second and it’s like when slowing down almost to a stop the brakes are like locking up for a split second? Those issues common with the 0601 pcm not working properly

DTC P0601=


Ok any other info you could help with?

Smell the coffee.

The computer’s shot.


Before replacing it. I would like to know 100percent that’s what it is. Asking what problems will start happening is my transmission slipping and brakes locking up have something to do with it

0601 showing in my Chrysler 2003 Town and Country what common issue start to happen when that is reading what do I do how do I know what pressure is wrong with it

You sound like someone who’s in denial.

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Over the years has provided me with lots of help with our 1999 Voyager and 2007 Town and Country. They have a discussion group devoted to minivans and Pacifica. You might find vehicle-specific info there.

Thank you. Shanonia

If you read the article Tester linked to, you would see it could be just a bad ground connection.
If it’s properly grounded and giving the 0601 code, it’s a bad PCM.

If you read the article Tester linked to , you would see those are some of the possible problems with a bad PCM or a poorly grounded PCM.

There are times when a factory wiring schematic is invaluable. I can’t help you with that. I have tons of wiring diagrams but none for a Chrysler van.

ALLDATA is a possibiilty. Your vehicle can be enrolled (unless it’s changed recently) for 25 dollars a year. Wiring schematics are available on that site. That could steer you to any pins involving grounds and also which fuses control what power sources.