Noise from AC/heater fan at lowest speed

I recently hear some light noise from AC/heater fan at lowest setting (1) - its like the faint motor noise you might hear in spinning motors (sort of like ticking but not quite). I don’t recall hearing it before. At higher speeds like 2+ you hear air blowing out which overpowers any faint noise you might hear. Noticed this while using for heat setting. Haven’t tried for AC as its winter now.

So I was wondering if this faint noise is anything to be alert/concerned about in terms of operation of my AC/heat fan. Would hate for it to die on me one day when I need heat/AC.

Car model is Suzuki Forenza 2006, not that it matters I assume.

Normally this would mean something like a worn blower motor, debris in the blower housing, or a damaged squirrel cage. Any of that would require removal of the blower motor for inspection although a blower motor current test could be done without disassembly.

That test would measure the current (or amount) of electricity being used by the blower while in operation. If the amount seemed abnormally high the blower would need replacement even if it wasn’t making any noise.

Can’t say as I’ve ever replaced a blower on a Forenza but in general, most blower motor changes are not that difficult at all.