New clutch in Mar, 2010; 2 weeks ago driving in heavy traffic and clutch would not engage. This week, same thing happened and new clutch put in down in IA. Driving back to MN same thing happened. Driving home from work yesterday same thing happened. Repair guys can’t figure out what is wrong…Do YOU GUYS know what’s wrong!!!

You are asking for a lot of wild guesses, my wild guess bad motor mounts are causing shifting problem. Wild guess reiterated, that is why there are qualified mechanics to solve the problem!

Did they check the clutch slave or master cylinders? How about the hose? Also, so we are on the same page, when you say engage, you mean you’re depressing the clutch and the clutch doesn’t disengage or that the clutch won’t engage at all, car won’t move?

I wondered the same thing as Ben did. Do you mean engage or disengage?

When they changed the clutch, did they also do the throwout bearing and the pressure plate? As foolhearty as it sounds, I’ve heard of someone trying to cut costs by only having the clutch plate changed.

The true bottom line is that someone will have to look at this. They’ll need to look at eth hydraulics, the joints at the fork, and perhaps even go in and check the throwout bearing and the prssure plate assembly.

intermal leaking past the pressure o-rings in the master or slave is possible in this situation. usually the master or slave will leak out, and the fluid will show the leak, but if it is internal leaking it might not show.